A-1 Sauce

  1/2  C             Dark Molasses
   2                    Green onions -- chop
   3      Tbsp          Coarse salt (kosher)
   3      Tbsp          Dry mustard
   1      Tsp           Paprika
     1/4  Tsp           Cayene
   1                    Clove garlic -- crush or
   1      Tsp           Garlic powder
   1                    Anchovy fillet; chop -- or
   1      tbsp          Anchovey paste
   6      tbsp          Fresh taramind -- or
   1      tbsp          Taramind extract
   1      tsp           Pepper
     1/2  tsp           Fenugreek
     1/2  tsp           Powdered ginger
     1/2  tsp           Ground cinnamon
   1      tsp           Powdered cloves
     1/2  tsp           Caradamen seeds
   3      drops         Tabasco
   6      oz            Rhine wine
   2      oz            Rose wine
   1      pt            White vinegar
   1      tbsp          Kitchen Bouquet
   1      tbsp          Postum Powder

Put all spices (except last 6 ingr.) through blender till fine powder.
Place over low heat with half vinegar and simmer 1 hr; adding rest of
vinegar a little at a time as mixture is reduced in bulk. Stir in
tobasco, wines, kitchen bouquet. Cook 3 min to dissolve. Remove from
heat. Pour into crock or tuperware container (2qt) Let stand covered for
1 week. Then strain thru cheese- cloth, six times.
bottle and cap tightly. Keep refrigerated indefinetly.
Freeze to keep for years.

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